Do you feel safe?

Self-Defense saves lives! Learn self-defense with our adult Cumming Martial Arts Classes for peace of the mind. Walk with shoulders more relaxed but with eyes more alert.

Learn how to move your body in the ways of Choe’s HapKiDo Cumming Martial Arts. Men and Women can all obtain self-defense skills through our HapKiDo program for adults. We teach all kinds of people how to become strong, and how to protect self and others. Experience our Adult Cumming Martial Arts program and the pulses of excitement of learning all sorts of kicks, punches, strikes, and rolls. Also add to your set of skills the ability to escape from multiple grabs, holds, locks, and more!

Cumming Martial Arts training at Choe’s HapKiDo in Cumming improves all areas of life such as in school, work, and relationships. With our Cumming Martial Arts Classes for adults, your new abilities to protect yourself and loved ones will also boost your confidence. You will be more relaxed, but you will also be ready to take on life’s challenges.